Samstag, 12. August 2006

What can I say? Nothing!

Unser Freund George hat uns eine weitere Email aus der Bekaa-Ebene geschrieben. Gestern wurde das Nachbardorf angegriffen...

Dear Friends,

As we start the second month of this sixth Israeli war on Lebanon I am helpless to find any words to describe the situation. What can I say when near my village when a convey of civilians and security forces were coming back from the South (given full permission of the Israeli air force and accompanied by the International Red Cross) was hit with 8 air strikes? What can I say when a family trapped under a house is not given any help because Israel doesn't allow the Red Cross to enter that village? What can I say to another family that was being dug out of their houses' rubble by the Red Cross and suddenly they had to leave the rest of the children behind because their allowed time that Israel had given had ended? What can I say when a small truck carrying medical supplies and food to distribute to refugees living in schools around our area was hit with a rocket and as the Red Cross was coming to help the driver a second rocket was fired at both of them? What can I say about a mass funeral that was happening in Tyre for 60 civilians when it was hit by Israeli air strikes? Can you kill a person twice? What can I say to the people crying between the refugees we are having in our school when 7 of their relatives were killed in a nearby village?

After 31 days of allowing Israel to continue its aggression on Lebanon, the UN security council approved resolution 1701 which called for an immediate cessation of military attacks. When will Israel start to obey? no one knows. The Israeli PM ordered attacks on Lebanon to be broadened and that's after the resolution was approved!

I really have nothing to say.



Anonym hat gesagt…

What about UN Resolution 1559 ?

Claudia hat gesagt…

Dieser Krieg macht sprachlos.

Zaynab hat gesagt…

I do not think that UN Resolution 1559 demands or justifies the destruction of Lebanon and the Killing of Hundreds of innocent civilians.

This war that has come to an end this morning, in sha` Allah, is a shame for the so called "Civilized World" that for weeks had done nothing to stop this bloodshed on both sides. This war has made it almost impossible to disarm the Hizb Allah, because in the eyes of many Lebanese they have proved to be a legitimate resistance movement against the Israeli Aggression that did not target Hizb Allah, but the whole Lebanese People, Sunnis, Shiites, Druze and Christians alike.